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15 Nov, 2023 | 08:04 PM
Babar Azam Resigns as Pakistan Cricket Captain Across All Formats"
Babar Azam

Babar Azam stepped down as Pakistan's captain across all formats after their disappointing 2023 ODI World Cup, marked by a failure to reach the semi-finals with only four victories in nine matches.

In a significant move, Babar Azam has relinquished the captaincy across all formats following Pakistan's premature exit from the ICC Men's Cricket World Cup 2023. Despite high expectations, the team, under his leadership, faced a disappointing early departure during the league stage, failing to secure a spot in the semi-finals. Azam's individual performance also fell short of expectations, adding to the challenges faced by the team in the tournament. The decision marks a pivotal moment for Pakistan cricket, prompting reflections on the team's performance and the need for strategic changes.

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